Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 79/368:Wednesday - I was on the TV today

Today is Social Media Day and I went to a gathering held in Sacramento at the News 10 station.  It was a lot of fun meeting various people and touring the studio.  This news station is doing wonderful things involving the community. 

Turns out I ended up being caught on TV too: HERE and on a slide show HERE. (I'm the lady in purple in the first slide) I know they say you gain 10 pounds on TV, but I think that isn't the case, I think it's MORE.

I didn't like the way I looked.  In my mind, I really thought I looked different.  Not slim, but definitely slimmer than what I saw. Needless to say, the sight motivates me to do better.*  A lot better.

*Not starting tonight. (I didn't feel good hoping on my horrible head ache and then I got dizzy and heart was beating weird.  I think I may be a little dehydrated?) Which gets me thinking about water.

You need to drink enough, at least 8-8oz glasses per day.  (More in hot weather) Your body doesn't work right when you don't.  Drink. Your. Water. 

What I did today:
Elliptical Trainer: 10 min @ level 10

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 78/365:Tuesday

What I did today:
Elliptical Trainer: 15 min. @ level 15
Push-ups: 25
Crunches: 50

Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 77/365:Monday-Genetically Modified Salmon??

I saw this today and it disturbed me a bit.  For years we have seen Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) on the shelves in the market.

Personally, I avoid eating them.  I like to eat food that is unprocessed and unadulterated.  What is more adulterated than GMO foods??  There is a reason food grows the way it does, please don't mess with it.

All I have seen in grocery stores is GMO food that comes from the plant kingdom. Today though, it was brought to my attention that the FDA is seriously considering the acceptance of GMO salmon.  Salmon??  That is an animal!  

Does this freak anyone else out?  The food coloring they add to farm raised salmon is bad enough, but to go and mess with genes so that they can create a salmon that is twice as big?  I think I'll pass.

Here is the article that was seen in the New York Times. 

(Thanks to @papoe2010 for bringing it to my attention)
What I did today:
Elliptical Trainer: 15 min. @ level 15

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 76/365:Sunday - Fish Tacos

Many of you may wonder what I'm doing posting all these traditionally "non diet" foods on here.  Well, it's because I lost 40 pounds by not dieting!!  Yes! I eat regular foods, just in smaller portions and I exercise daily.

Some of those BIG weight loss programs where you buy their expensive weekly food, it's just regular foods in smaller portions.  Save some money and do it yourself!

Now, I don't just eat any food.  I try to avoid chemicals whenever possible.   I don't eat "fat-free" or "sugar-free" either, because they are a substandard food product typically full of chemicals.

The more chemicals that your body is busy metabolizing, the less time it has to take care of you.  Your body is an AMAZING machine, and if taken care of, it will do whatever you need it to do.

The trick to a healthy diet is single portions of real, healthy, unadulterated food.  Food in it's most untouched state is best. 

When buying something that is processed, like a corn tortilla, look at the ingredients and choose a kind that has the least amount of gunk.  If you are blessed to have a natural store near you, I know you can find some that have been made with basic ingredients, as if you made them from scratch. (Which I have tried making before, but have been unsuccessful in using them as taco shells because they end up too thick and crumbly.)

I LOVE a good fish taco!!  Here is a recipe that we like to eat.  If you want to eat them all the time, I would recommend un-fried fish.  But for a special treat now and then (which is how we do it), a little fried fish in a single portion is just good for the soul.

Also, we like to pile the shredded cabbage up high because raw cabbage is SO GOOD for you!! (I wish I had a photo to show you.  I'll have to post the next time we eat them.)


Corn/flour tortillas
Cabbage, shredded
Green Onion, chopped
Fish (I buy the Pub Style fish at Costco)

1/2 c. plain yogurt
1/2 c. mayo
1 lime, juiced
1/2 tsp oregano
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
1/2 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp dill weed
salt & garlic powder to taste
What I did today:
50 crunches
25 push-ups

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 75/365: Saturday - Garden Dinner

I LOVE GROWING A GARDEN!!  Last night I decided to be creative and make a dish out of all the veggies I picked that day.

Now mind you, the garden is just now starting to produce, so it was certainly slim pickings.  But I had a handful of beets and a couple of zucchini, enough for a dish.

First, I heated some olive oil in my fry pan.  Just as the oil heated up, I crushed some garlic into it to flavor the oil.

I sliced the beets (unpeeled) up the same size as the zucchini and threw the beets in first.  I have always boiled my beets, skinned and then sliced them, so this was something new for me.

After few minutes I tossed in the zucchini and cooked both until tender.

For the last couple of minutes of cooking, I put in the beet greens and cooked until they wilted before taking it off the heat.

I added salt, pepper and a splash of balsamic vinegar for flavoring.

It was very yummy and I will be making it again this summer.
What I did today:
Elliptical Trainer: 20 min. @ level 10

Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 74/368:Friday - Popcorn

I LOVE popcorn!  It makes a wonderful snack and I have often had it as a meal as well.  It's all natural and full of fiber.  It's just made of awesome!

My favorite way to make popcorn is with this little kitchen device:

All you need is oil, popcorn and salt, nothing more.  No chemicals: artificial flavoring or color that you find in the microwaveable product and I think it tastes better anyway.  There is just something about the added flavor that the oil brings which also gives the salt something to stick to.  I don't add butter and I honestly don't miss it either. It's that good.

How I make it:
3 Tablespoons olive oil
2/3 cup popcorn
Dash of salt

If it's any indication how great a kitchen tool this is, every one of my friends who has ever eaten popcorn with us, has bought and loved their popper too!

For a special treat, if you like kettle corn, I've got a little kitchen secret for you.  Add a tablespoon or so of maple syrup just as the popcorn starts to pop, and you will not want to share the batch.  Promise.

What I did today:
Elliptical Trainer: 15 min @ level 15

Day 73/368:Thursday

What I did today:
Elliptical Trainer: 15 min @ level 15

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 72/365:Wednesday

What I did today:
Elliptical Trainer: 15 min @ level 15

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 71/365:Tuesday-Fudge

We had special company today and so we made fudge.  I have never made fudge before and it was fun.  My right arm even got a workout.  Really!  I had to stop several times for it to unstiffen there was so much work involved.

Now, I am an avid lover of chocolate.  Anyone who knows me well, knows this.  But when it comes to fudge, it's not a super temptation for me.  I will pick other things first before choosing fudge.

Apparently, I have never had freshly made fudge.  This tasted like nothing I have ever had before.  It was hard to stop at one piece.  Should have worked out for an hour to make up how much I consumed.  

Note to self: Don't make homemade fudge until you can control yourself better.

What I did today:
Elliptical Trainer-15 minutes @ level 15

Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 70/365: Monday

What I did today:
Elliptical Trainer: 15 min @ level 15

Day 69/365: Sunday

What I did today:
50 Crunches

Day 68/365:Saturday - Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

Started a new book to read while I work out.  I follow Jackson on Twitter and there has been a lot of excitement about her book that just came out earlier this month.
Sisters Red

I was planning on purchasing her book in the near future, but when I won a signed book plate from her, I rushed out to get it so I could attach the plate to the inside cover. (Did I mention that the cover is awesome?)

Sisters Red is an modernization of Red Riding Hood fairytale.  She has two more companion books coming soon at her website.

Anyway, I've read through the first couple of chapters today and I can tell this is going to be hard to keep only for workout reading because it's good and you aren't going to want to put it down. I just might have to extend my workout time so I can read longer...

What I did today:
Elliptical Trainer: 15 min @ level 15

Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 67/365

What I did today:
Elliptical Trainer 15 min. @ level 15

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 66/365 Dancing

So I did something a little differently today in regards to exercise.  The family and I danced to fun dance mixes in the privacy of our living room.

It was more fun than I would have expected dancing around and having fun. Even our little toddler was in there grooving as well.

We were all sweaty by the time we were finished and I think this might be something we will be doing a bit more of.

What I did today:
Dancing: 30 minutes

Day 65/365 Dang Knee

Oops!  I just noticed I missed a day of blogging and got off on my numbering.  This should make up for the day missed.

In college, I had knee surgery after a hurdling accident.  I had a full recovery with the added perk of being a walking barometer. Yep, I can tell when it's a certain temperature outside because my knee acts funny.  Not a big deal, just an added quirk.

Anyway, I have noticed the "good" knee is starting to ache a little funny recently.  I didn't do anything to it but I think I might be doing too much resisitance on the elliptical?

It would probably be better to do 30 minutes at a lower resistance of 10, but lately I am lucky to get on at all.  So the 15 minutes at a higher resistance works out nicely...except for the recent glitch.

I might have to find something different to do for a few days and give it a rest.  We'll see.

What I did today:
Elliptical Trainer 15 min @ level 15

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 64/365

What I did today:
Elliptical Trainer 15 min. @ level 15

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 63/365

What I did today:
Elliptical Trainer 15 min. @ level 15

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 62/365 Update on Progress

It's been a year since I took photos.  For those who have been following me, you know that I had hoped I would have had an "after" shot by now.  Please know that I am not complaining because maintenance is a wonderful thing, especially when I have spent most of my life, gaining.

In talking about maintenance, I wanted to show proof that I really was maintaining my loss, not just hiding behind a blog.  (For a better side-by-side comparison, look to the side----> )

I WILL have an "after" photo before the end of the year!!

What I did today:
50 crunches

So here are my "Maintenance" photos:

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 61/365 Cooking with your children

My sister-in-law introduced me to a website that she likes to use often with her children.  It's called Cooking With My Kid  It has wonderful recipes to do with your kids.  Today we made Soft Pretzels and they turned out tasty.  I substituted half the white flour for whole wheat pastry flour and they were filling!

Cooking together with your children makes an excellent opportunity to talk to your kids about nutrition.  How it's important to take care of your body while having fun doing it is a lesson they will remember for a lifetime.

My kids love to help me and I look forward to several years of happy times in the kitchen with four excellent chefs to replace me!

What I did today:
Elliptical Trainer 15 min. @ level 15
55 push-ups

Day 60/365 Project Finished (Phase One)

Today, Friday, I finished the first part of my project that took me a month and a half to complete!! (I will soon share, I promise!)  :o)

For those who know me personally, you know when I get focused on something, I get focused and pretty much OCD all over it until it's done.  It's a very productive method, but I haven't figured out how to balance it yet with everything else in life.

I have kept up with my regular exercise, but I haven't been doing the most with the blog as I should be.  As I catch up with everything else in life, I will get caught up with this blog too by posting more interesting things.  The biggest of which is some progress pictures!!!  Or just progress posts!  Maybe just some sort of progress besides maintenance...basically, just something more than what I have been giving.  :o)

What I did today:
Elliptical Trainer 15 min. @ level 15

Day 59/365

What I did today:
Elliptical Trainer 15 min. @ level 15

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 58/365 Blood Donation

I gave blood today.  I have always enjoyed doing it.  Such an easy way to bless another life.  Today I hit the two gallon mark16 people have received my blood throughout the years.  It would have been a whole bunch more but you can't donate while pregnant and it's a good thing to avoid while your nursing so you don't mess with your fluids.  After spending the last decade doing both, I haven't been a regular at the blood bank.

If you have never given blood, I encourage you to give it a try.  They are so good to you at a blood bank and it's painless.  Today, I didn't even feel a poke, she was that good.  Did you know it takes less than 10 minutes to squeeze out a quart when you are hydrated?  (Be sure to drink a BIG glass of water a couple of hours before you go in.)  If I could do this weekly, I would.

What I did today:
Elliptical Trainer 15 min. @ level 15

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 57/365 Maintenance is the key to success!

I feel so guilty and lame.  I love this journey, I really do, and I feel I have let others down with doing the same thing day after day.  I like to shake things up, spice it up and I haven't been and I apologize.

I have been working on a project and any free moment I have, I am thinking about it.  I will share what it is soon, I promise.  Might be a few months, but I will share at some point.

Until then, I will continue to post every couple of days something more than just "what I did today."

I have to admit, being super busy makes it hard to try to do good, in fact, if you are like me, when you are busy, you like to take it out in your eating. "I'm too busy to think about it, I'll think about it when x is finished." Yea, I have found several pounds with that thinking in the past for certain.

So it's important to remember that no matter what's going on in your life, whether it's happy events, or sad events, busy or slow, whatever it is, you have to remember to keep the thinking that you are going to take care of yourself.

I will say that when I am in a busy mode, I probably won't be actively loosing weight.  But this is okay.  Just don't gain during that time.  If you can just maintain during the busy time you can continue where you left off when you can focus on weight loss again.

I'll explain the pattern:

Loose+maintain+maintain+loose+maintain+loose+maintain=HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS

Loose+Gain+Maintain+Loose+Gain+Gain=YO YO (Not healthy & VERY frustrating)

So take the pressure off of the "I have to loose" mentality, because it puts on too much pressure.  If you keep the "Healthy choices" mentality and that maintenance is your best friend during stress, you will always come out on top.

What I did today:
Elliptical Trainer 15 min. @ level 15

Monday, June 7, 2010

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 54/365 Nutella is evil

I've said this before, and I'll say it again.  DO NOT KEEP TROUBLE FOODS IN THE HOUSE!  If it's there, you are just torturing yourself!

We got Nutella for a recipe that we wanted to do with our kids.  I don't think we've ever had it in the house before and therefore I didn't know.

But yea, it's a TROUBLE food. 

I rationalized how it would be good on toast with a banana for breakfast.  I just had a spoonful for dessert.  I will not be buying this again because it's too yummy and it's too easy to grab. 

When I keep trouble foods out, I make better choices.

What I did today:
50 sit-ups

Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 53/365

What I did today:
Elliptical Trainer: 15 minutes @ level 15

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 52/365

What I did today:
Elliptical Trainer: 15 minutes @ level 15

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 51/365 A great new website I have found

The key to the weight loss journey is to enjoy the journey!!  By finding that balance in exercise and eating, you can get the body you want.  I promise.

If you deprive yourself, you are working against yourself, so I am always on the look out for a good website that has easy, healthy and tasty recipes to try. 

Recently, I have been introduced to the site Poor Girl Eats Well  She uses simple, real ingredients and has amazing photos that entice your salivary glands (my favorite part).  The great thing about these recipes? they are easy on the pocket book too!!

I highly recommend you checking out this site, I plan on making my weekly meal plan from it this upcoming week.  You should too!

What I did today:
Elliptical Trainer 15 minutes @ level 15

Day 50/365 Project time

I have been logging many hours with my current project and I am really enjoying it!!

No worries, I won't be keeping it a secret for too much longer.  When I am all done and have a finished project, I will be singing it from the roof tops!

What I did today:
Elliptical Trainer 15 minutes @ level 15