Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 223 - Power Of Positive Thinking

It's all in the mind! Really, it is!! When I am feeling confident and positive, that I am a healthy person, I act and feel that way. I make good choices without thinking and I live in a manner that creates health. My body will reflect my lifestyle.

So when I am feeling positive and doing positive things, the negative eating patterns are long gone and good choices are the norm. I had a funky week where I started to focus on what I have left to do. My perception changed and my trouble spots really started to...trouble me. With this thinking, I found myself subconsciously snacking. Nibbling on things throughout the day when I wasn't really hungry. I started to see negative eating patterns start to return. I am a snacker, and when I am snacking, I don't typically loose weight. Typically, I can gain wait on snacks. So with this change in my behavior, I started to thinking about the why. Why are my eating habits changing? I spent a few moments taking a mental inventory and then it hit me!! Nothing really had changed except for my focus, my thoughts!! Feeling positive will give positive results. Negative thoughts, give negative thoughts. Period. If I want to be truly successful in this journey, I need to be positive, no matter how I feel. If I am positive and confident in the process, a process I have already been able to prove to myself that works, I will have the success I desire. It's that simple. It really is ALL about positive thinking.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 220 - Snacks

Although I have been able to eat less and exercise more, finding weight loss success, my snacky tendencies are still there. If there is something in the house, whether it's chocolate, or something sweet, I will eat it. Recently, with such snacks in the house, I haven't eaten as much as I typically would, and I think the exercise is able to compensate what I do eat, but I tend to eat more than I would prefer of these treats. This sets up a mental battle that causes conflict and with this conflict, I am setting myself up for a relapse. When we eat more than we plan, we feel guilt, plain and simple. Who is ever happy with themselves when they eat more than they want? When in this state, it's easy to fall off the wagon and just think, "Well, I blew it today, let's go crazy and do better tomorrow." This is the first step to weight gain. I know, I gained 40 pounds once with that mentality.

For me, I understand that no matter how well I am doing, if favorite snacks are in the house, I am going to eat them. The solution? Don't have it in the house. Period. Why torture yourself?

There are times where you can't avoid it. Accept this, and at those times, do your best and understand that a little over doing it, isn't going to hurt you. Exercise more. Drink more water. Do the things that you know help off set it. I found that when I workout at night, afterwards, I am just not snacky. So a game plan for me is that when there is something in the house that might cause me trouble, I need to work out after dinner ASAP. The sooner I work out, the less likely I will be indulging. Evenings are when I don't have much restraint, so I need to be careful and do the things that help me stay in control. The most important thing to remember, if I do consume more than I planned, forgive and move on. It's easy to compensate for a day that had a slip, it's when the slip turns into a week of slips that I will find the weight coming back on.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 219 - My Favorite Thing for Lunch These Days

With the garden in full production, it's so much fun to get creative! My favorite thing to eat for lunch these days are tomatoes! I mix up a few tablespoons of real mayo and mix in enough balsamic to make it saucy. I add garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste and mix it all up. I then add a couple chopped tomatoes, some edamame and top it with some feta. It is so yummy and fresh and very filling! I have protein, a few carbs some fat and a lot of veggies!! If dinner ends up being late, I may need a handful of almonds to tide me over. Give it a try!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 218 - Oh exciting day!

I just had to share this. I am soooo excited! It's really hard to find nice, long skirts that fit good, look nicely and allow you to sit in church with squirmy kids without having to readjust every two seconds. I have a few of these choice skirts but I haven't been able to get into them since before baby #3. They have been collecting dust and taunting me for quite some time now with their little size 8 & 10 labels.

Well, today I thought I would just see. I am still a good 12 pounds heavier then when I first bought them but why not see how much more I need to go to wear them, right? Well, to my surprise, I GOT THEM ON!!! Not only did I get them on, I ACTUALLY ZIPPED THEM TOO!! I couldn't believe it!! Now of course, they are a little more snug then I would feel comfortable in out in public, and I don't know if I could sit without popping a seam, but the fact that I got them on was exciting!! The next couple of pounds will allow them to feel great!! I was hoping to get back into them by the end of the year. But if I work really hard, I could be wearing them by the end of the month! This is so exciting and I just had to share!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 214 - Progress so far

Just thought I would post some pictures to show where I am. I would still like to loose a solid 20-25 pounds more. We'll see what my body wants to do!

187.8............................................ 150.0