Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 16/365 Rough day=chocolate?

Today I absent-mindedly took my crew with me to the grocery store.  My hubby wasn't home before we had to leave so I took everyone with me to drop one of the kids off at a Boy Scout event.  Having some time to kill and needing a few groceries I thought I would hop over to the local store and grab a few staples.  For only having to grab a few things, it was one of the most difficult trips I have had yet to date with kids.

My two girls wanted EVERYTHING, pointing at this, grabbing at that.  It wasn't too terribly distracting, I have learned to just ignore their pleas and press forward.  It wasn't until we got to the end of the trip where I just about lost it.

We got to the whole foods isle.  You know, the area where you fill up your own bags from the bulk bins.  Each daughter had an idea what they wanted and I was letting them get one item.  Suddenly, just as I noticed one of them reach in and grab a peanut butter malt ball thingy with her bare hand (I am a germ-o-phobe.  So it was grossing me out to think that others probably do the same) and I was telling her that you can't do that and to put it into a separate bag so we could buy it, my baby decided to shot put a jar of grape jelly out of the cart!

Dumbfounded, I started to pick up what I could have of this shattered, sticky jar with a handful of plastic bags.  I picked it up the best I could and then grabbed a clerk to get a mop to do the rest.  Frustrated, and realizing that I may have a shard of glass in my finger, I marched over to the chocolate section.  After a day like that at the store, I surely deserved some seriously yummy chocolate.

So we went over to the section with varieties of chocolate, the GOOD chocolate.  I looked at the different flavors and realized that I really didn't want to eat it.  I didn't want to thwart my plans, just because I was a little (okay a lot) frustrated. So the idea came that I should tweet about the frustration and walk away.  So I snapped a shot of my two most favorite flavors, tweeted on Twitter, walked away and I felt a whole bunch better. 

Baby shotput a jar of jelly-I think I have glass in my finger. Nothing this stuff http://twitpic.com/1iztxf can't fix. Seriously. :0)

This is what I did today:
Elliptical: 15 min @ level 15

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