Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bring on 2010

A whole new year, full of possibilities! I think I have the regular working out habit solidly formed, but I need to amp things up this year! This Christmas I learned that although I might have overcome the working out regularly obstacle, I still have to work on my eating habits. For the most part, they are good, but that 190 pound lady can still be found inside from time to time. I was really surprised to find myself "feeling" heavy again. It really is a mental thing and if one isn't careful, they can sabotage themselves simply by giving into their feelings.

I keep saying this and I am using this as motivation. My weight is good, but I would like it to be better. For instance, in the morning, my BMI is "healthy" but by the time the evening comes my BMI is "Over weight." Talk about messing with the brain! I want my BMI to be "Healthy" no matter what time of day it is.

So for 2010, I am going to work at getting my brain in a healthy mode. To have my brain match my weight. There are days that my brain feels 190 and starts acting like it. I know this all sounds like crazy talk but it's true. When a person looses physical weight, they need to make sure they are loosing the mental weight too. Now I am not talking about emotional hang-ups and issues that can also act as "weight." I am talking about the perceptions we have of ourselves.

If you have gone decades being a certain body type, you get used to eating, exercising, shopping and living in that body type. I see this happen to others - it happened to me! You get on a program or you do something that works and the weight drops. You are surprised because you can't believe it actually worked. Then you find yourself in unfamiliar territory. Clothes fit. Your body feels good. Things are just different, different for the good of course! But if you are still seeing the world through an overweight perception, you will find yourself back at the familiar weight when you get off the program or start changing the habits that gave you success. It happens all the time!!

So this year, I am going to keep with the daily workouts (minus Sundays) and going to amp them up a bit. For that last part of the year, being so busy, I just didn't have my 30 minutes to exercise in the evening so I started to bump up the level and cut back on the time-level 15 for 15 minutes. (This works great in building muscles) but after the holidays I need to focus on the cardio. I just "feel" so heavy! So I am going to keep the level up and now also bump up the time. My goal is to start February doing 30 minutes at level 15. I love a good book and when I don't have time to read I try to do two things at once, workout and read. A good book keeps me on the elliptical longer by passing the time and I can get some good reading in too. It's a win-win!

I am also going to try to purge my body of sugar by reducing it dramatically. The holidays can be so indulgent with the sugar. I need to get rid of these cravings!!

So my big goal of 2010 is to have an OFFICIAL "AFTER" picture to share on this blog. One that I am proud of where my body and brain match in weight with a healthy BMI 24/7!!

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