Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Elliptical Trainer: 30 minutes @ level 10
100 Push-up workout: Week 1 Day 1 (45 push-ups)

In efforts to get that "after" photo, I need to set up some goals to get me there.  Last year I was loosing weight (40 pounds total) and I took my photo in July.  I haven't taken any more photos because nothing has really changed since then, I have been maintaining for the most part.  I did gain a couple of pounds at Christmas that are still lingering (dang stress).  But they won't be lingering for long.

I started the day today doing my push-ups.  I decided to go back and start with Week 1 Day 1 doing MANLY push-ups.  What a difference form makes when doing push ups!  Don't get me wrong, girly push-ups are great and your arms and back do get a workout!!  If it's the only way to do a push-up, then do it girly style!!  But if you can, go all out and do regular push-ups, it makes a big difference.

I never really thought there was a big difference between the two styles in regards to the benefit your arms are getting.  With this thought, I figured if I could do more with girl style push ups, my arms would benefit greater.  For the most part, they do.  But if you want to really get your tummy and for the most part, involve your entire body, use the standard push-up method.  I am converted!  The only way I can compare the two is that girly push-ups are like riding a bike with training wheels, standard push-ups are like riding without.  Both get you on the bike so you can ride it around and enjoy the ride, but only one is using your entire body to keep the bike from falling.

So yesterday marked a new challenge although it's not a new idea for me.  Last year I did the 365 days of working out and accomplishing such a goal taught me so much about goal setting.  It's really the only goal I was able to finish entirely on my own merit that I can remember.  This year I decided I would still work out every day, but I would skip Sunday's since they are my Sabbath Day and it just seems weird to me to workout after going to church.

I started off this year doing exactly as I planned, but as soon as a virus snuck up on me, I decided to amend the challenge to include taking days off for illness, which is a good reason.  Although I have regularly been working out, I have had a few days where I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO WORKOUT!!  This is NOT a good sign because that is the beginning of the end! How often have I set a workout goal, got sick for a week and then forgot the goal.  Then one day gets forgotten, then another, and then before you know it, you aren't working out regularly any more!

So today is the second day of working 365 days in a row. Although I still want to keep Sunday's special, I'll probably just do something different and lighter than what I do the rest of the week.  I also plan on getting a little more creative in the kitchen, to keep things exciting!

**Update-I started this new 365 day goal on March 1, but began the push-ups on day 2 thus throwing myself off and having this post originally stated as being day 1.)

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