Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 272 - Additional Goal

Here it is. I am putting it out there. A new goal I have is to have some "after" pictures by the end of the year. This is going to be a challenge, but I have faith! I need to not only get through the holidays by not gaining, but I need to do it while trying to loose the "stubborn 10." I'll try to post more as a motivation for me to be accountable! I can do it if I can keep focus...

Tonight's dinner was something new and I had to share. I made mini meat loaves. One whole pound of lean beef made 8 the size of my palm. They were so satisfying!! I served them with a scoop of broccoli mashers. Basically you make homemade mashed potatoes with the addition of broccoli to the pot. Drain when tender and proceed to make as you would regular mashed potatoes. (I added a little garlic to them too.)

I ate two loaves for dinner with a healthy scoop of mashers since I had a very small lunch. You could easily just eat one loaf with a regular portion of taters and be satisfied if you needed a lighter dinner.


  1. Hi way to go to only have the stubborn 10 left to go. I dont know if you are up for hits or not and I may not be the one to give them because I am struggling to stay with my own goals and keep motivated. However, I heard that if you trick your body by actually increasing your calorie intake from what ever you are eatting like say 1000 cal. to 1500 cal. for 2 weeks then go back to the 1000 cal. or what ever you are doing the stubborn pounds will come off much easier. this has work for me with just a few pounds when I hit a platou and I am actually being good. anyway food for thought. again way to go you have been an inspiration to me an hopeful viewer.

  2. You are so kind and GOOD LUCK with your goals as well!! :o) Yes, I have heard the same and I have seen it in my own life as well. I think it was Easter weekend where I really noticed this. I ate a little more than I would have liked at Easter (with all those goodies? I am only human!). Then on Monday and Tuesday, I was back to eating better and by the end of the week, I saw a major drop!! Several more times I noticed this by just having a day or so with more calories.

    The whole premise is that if your body thinks a famine is coming it starts to hold on to your fat stores as a safety measure. Eating more now and then reminds it that all is well. Thanks for the reminder and for the inspiration!